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Most Californians depend on their cars to shuttle them from place to place every day. Each day, National City is swamped with heavy vehicle traffic. Given the many people living in National City, the roads are busy at all hours of the day, and this means car accidents are bound to happen frequently. Car accidents have actually become the 9th leading cause of deaths all around the world. Most of the accidents are usually caused by reckless driving, texting while behind the wheel, distracted driving and drunk driving. Car accidents can also happen if the car happens to breakdown due to a manufacturing defect, or bad road condition.

National City Car Accident Attorney

national city car accident lawyer

In case you are involved in a car accident, a San Diego personal injury lawyer can help you recover and will ensure you get your rightful compensation. Also if somebody you know or a loved one has been involved in a car accident because of somebody else’s negligence, you should contact a National City car accident lawyer soonesr as possible. A personal injury lawyer will keenly look at all the facts and the circumstances of the case, and will help you effectively navigate through all the legal procedures.

A National City, California car accident attorney will not only look at the negligent drivers’ insurance policy, but he/she will also check your insurance policy so as to access and determine the best action to take for the claim. The San Marcos car accident attorney will also look for any special clauses in your insurance policy that might aid in helping you get a much better compensation.

National City Personal Injury Lawyer

national city personal injury attorney

Facts About Car Accidents
-More than 1.4 million people die in car accidents every year.
-In the year 2004, there were 6.3 million car accidents reported.
-In the year 2004, 2.9 million people got injured in auto accidents, and 42,635 were killed.
-About 40% of fatal car accidents involve alcohol; and between midnight to 3:00 in the morning, the percentage rises to 77%.
-The time which has the most fatal car crashes is weekend nights; between midnight and 3:00am.
-Every year approximately 15 school kid pedestrians get killed by the school buses.
-The time when most of the school kid pedestrians’ deaths happen is between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.
-Fires occur in 1 % of all car accidents, and in 3% of fatal car accidents.
-People between ages 16 to 20 have the highest injury and fatality rate in vehicle accidents per every 100,000 people.
-Seat belt laws do exist in all the 50 states.
-More than 1/2 of all car accident deaths occur amongst young adults between the ages 15 and 44.
-Car accidents rank as the 9th leading cause of deaths, and accounts for 2.3% of deaths worldwide which is one of the reason there are so many San Diego car accident lawyers.
-Each year about 400,000 people under the age of 25 years die from car accidents.
-Over 89% of all the road fatalities happen in the low and middle income countries.
-Car accidents cost about $519 billion globally.
-Unless a concrete action is taken, car accidents are predicted to actually become the 5th leading cause of deaths by the year 2030.

National City Auto Accidents

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About National City
National City is located in Southern Bay region of San Diego metropolitan, in the south western San Diego County, California. It has a population of about 60,673. National City is the 2nd oldest city in San Diego County. National City has been hosting the National City Auto Mobile Heritage Day Car Show event annually since the year 1991. On every 1st Sunday of August, the early model classic, muscle, and the latest super cars are displayed at Kimball Park. Some of the event’s activities range from foods from National City’s popular eateries, to a wide variety of great live music performances.

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