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San Francisco Car Accidents


Every year, a significant number of lives are lost as a result of car accidents. According to global statistics, approximately 3280 lives are lost daily and translate to nearly 1.3 million deaths annually as a result of car accidents. In addition to that, approximately between 20 to 60 million people are either injured or disabled because of these road fatalities.

In particular, San Franscisco contributes a significant number of accidents to the global statistics. Therefore, there exist several causes of the road accidents in San Franscisco that make it possible to add a figure to the global statistics of the number of deaths caused by car accidents.

Causes of Car Accidents in San Francisco

Generally, car accidents are categorized into either driver error or non-driver error. Driver error are the car accidents which occur mainly as a result of the driver’s mistake where as non-driver error are causes which involve other objects or parties apart from the driver. According to the report released by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the driver errors form the largest percentage of car accidents witnessed in the states of America.

Driver Error cCuses

Over speeding

Often, some reckless drivers tend to over speed their vehicles and in the process causing accidents that claim the lives of innocent people. Many a times, these drivers are under the influence of drugs, thus they tend to adopt the “don’t care” attitude.

According to the report of the survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control (CDC), teen drivers are more likely to over speed as compared to their counterparts adult drivers. This makes youth drivers significantly contributing to the loss of lives by causing a lot of car accidents. It is extremely annoying that some reckless drivers tend to ignore even the recommended speed limit and go to the extent of making the speed governors faulty. Generally, this contributes to more road fatalities.

Distracted Driving

Drivers in San Francisco and by extension globally tend to have a habit of indulging themselves in side activities during driving. These activities include eating, using the phone to either replying to a text or even receiving a call, taking alcohol or smoking just to name a few. These actions create a divided loyalty in the brain of the driver making him being subjected to two commanding desires – driving and the other distraction. This shifts his/her attention to the distraction and ultimately translating to hampering of the driver’s ability to focus and drive well hence leading to car accidents.


More often than not, long distance drivers usually become weary after a long drive. This is a result of the buildup of fatigue in the driver’s body. Hence the chances of him/her keeping keen concentration on the driving and signals by other drivers do not appear to be within the realms of possibility. This leads to fatal accidents in the long run.

Non-driver Causes

Poor Weather Conditions

During rainy seasons, San Francisco records a relatively large number of deaths as a result of car accidents. This is because car tires tend to lose the grip on the road hence skidding off the roads. This may have an impact to the driver and passengers and sometimes even third party people including pedestrians.


Another cause of car accidents in San Francisco and even San Diego are known to be caused by the potholes on the road. This impedes the driver’s ability to bring the car to a halt in advance. This pose a risk to drivers since as they may be trying to escape the potholes they may sometimes either skid off the road or even blowing off a tire. This is to a larger extent expected to result in car accidents increasing the number of people suffering injuries of accidents in hospitals and also increasing the loss of lives in these fatal accidents.

Other common causes of accidents in San Franscisco and by extension globally include:-

– Street racing

– Tire blowouts.

– Animal crossing.

– Lack of threshold experience in driving.

– Carelessness of the driver or the road user.

Impacts of road accidents

Physiological suffering

A study conducted by FEVR revealed findings that after a road accident has occurred, it’s not only the victim who suffers, the family of the victim also experiences physiological suffering. This is because of the relationship between the victim and his/her relatives. At times it happens that the victim is the sole bread winner of a certain family, thus in the event of her loss almost all the family members would feel the physiological torture from their loss.


The events of the car accidents occurring (not leading to death although the victim is seriously injured) are also characterized by the victim experiencing the traumatic effect. Dr Edward Hickling, an author and a clinical psychologist from New York had researched on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in victims of ghastly car accidents. His report indicated that about 40% had PSTD and nearly 90% had developed driving difficulties.

Economic Blow

Some prominent business men and tycoons may be involved in car accidents, and sad news is that maybe they pass way. This is a great loss to the demographic region since almost all the income generating activities of that death victims would go astray.

According to recent statistics, road accidents are common to youth aged between 15 – 19 years and the second leading cause of death globally of youth between 5 – 14 years. Youth being robbed their lives by car accidents also impacts the economic growth negatively. This is because, it is known that youth are very energetic hence, useful human resources to any country that aims at high economic growth. Globally, road accidents costs nearly US$ 500 billion and this narrowly translates to about 1 – 2% of individual countries GDP.


It’s so sad to note that despite the advancement of technology in conjunction with efforts to create awareness about road safety, the numbers of death seems to be increasing daily. The impacts of these accidents are often seen to stretch from economic to social lives of not only the victims but also the relatives of the victims.

Currently, the road crushes forms the 9th leading cause of human death globally (about 2.2% of all the death globally). Unless new and necessary actions are put in place, road traffic fatalities will grow to be among the top five leading causes of death in the near future.

Different types of personal injury cases written by: MaggieR

Personal injury law applied when someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. The injured person is supposed to be compensated for the injuries he/she suffered from. There are many different things that can give rise to personal injury case. Here are the most common types of personal injury cases;

Car accident cases

Car accidents can take place every single day. When you have been in a car accident, there are many things that could be going through your mind. Most people who have been in accidents are usually in a bad emotional state. When you are not in a good state of mind, it is impossible for you to speak for yourself. There is no way you can be able to negotiate a good compensation when you are in bad emotional state. You need someone who is in a good state of mind to help you get the compensation you deserve after being in in a car accident. There is no better person to help with you with case than a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents.

You should work with a lawyer who has helped many clients who had car accidents lawsuits if you want to get the best compensation. Each case is different from others. That is why you need a lawyer who will take a unique approach to your case. There are very many elements that make a car accident lawsuit. To win your case, the accident scene has to be carefully analyzed to gather the evidence that will work in your favor. The court has to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the injuries or loss that you suffered from the accident was a result of someone else’s negligence. The are many things that usually lead to car accidents. The common causes include;

  1. Distracted car drivers

A distracted car driver is dangerous to all other people using the road. There are so many car accidents that take place every day simply because the driver was distracted.

  1. Intoxicated car drivers

It is illegal for a driver to drink and the go behind the wheel. However, there are so many drivers who break this law every day. Many car accidents are a result of drivers drinking and driving.

  1. Sleep deprived drivers

There is no way a driver can fully concentrate if he/she is sleep deprived. Unfortunately, there are so many car drivers who have not slept for days on the roads.

  1. Hit and run

It is hard for to understand why a driver will hit someone and drive away. Such drivers don’t care whether the people that have hit are dead or alive.

  1. Unsafe/overloaded vehicles

There are people who overload their vehicles because of reasons best known to them. Their overloaded vehicles end up hurting other people.

Slip and fall cases

Slip and fall is also among the common types of personal injury cases. Property owners are required by the law to keep the properties free of hazards. They are required to ensure that their properties are reasonably safe. They have to ensure that people who will be in or around their properties will not be injured. Not all injuries that take place in a person’s property will lead to liability. The nature of the situation will determine whether a property owner will be held liable or not.

Dog bites

You are eligible for compensation if you are bitten by someone else’s dog. The owner of the dog that bit you will be responsible for the injuries that ware caused by the dog. The exact law on owner responsibility when people are hurt by his/her dog vary slightly from state to state. in some cases, the owner of a dog ca be held liable even if his/her dog has never sown sign of aggression in the past. In such case, it is expected that the owner of the dog should have know that his/her dog is aggressive. If you have been beaten by someone else’s dog, do not hesitate to talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Battery, Assault and other intentional acts

Battery and assault are not products by negligence or carelessness. They are thing that other people do to you intentionally. If a person decided to harm you intentionally, you can seek compensation for the suffering that you went through. When a person attacks you and hurts you, he/she will face criminal charges. In addition, you may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit so that you can be compensated for the injuries you sustained from the attack. A good personal injury lawyer will advise you on what to do if you have been hurt by other people’s intentional actions.

Workplace injury cases

If anything happens to you while you are at the workplace or while doing any job related activity, you have to be compensated for the injuries you sustained and for the suffering you went through. Unfortunately, most times is not as easy as it should be to get the compensation you deserve. The employer or carrier insurance company may not take the necessary steps to initiate the process of compensation for the injuries you suffered from for one reason or the other. This can happen despite giving out a timely notification for the injury. This is when a personal injury lawyer should come in. A personal injury lawyer will help you get what you deserve when there is no one else to run to.

You are entitled to file for worker’s compensation claim as soon as you develop an illness that is job related or when you get injured while doing your job. You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible because any delays may work against you. If you wait too long, the insurance company that is supposed to compensate you may find a reason to deny you compensation benefits. Don’t create a reason that may make you miss out on compensation by talking a lawyers soon as possible. A lawyer will start working on the things that will make your case wholly legitimate. Things are usually more complicated if you developed an injury or illness over a long period of time.