Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders understand the amazing, thrilling and incomparable travel experience offered by a motorcycle. It offers a chance to view sights of the golden state and the beautiful scenery. However, despite this extraordinary experience provided by a motorcycle, they require responsible and skilled handling combined with defensive handling in order to stay away from injuries.

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san diego motorcycle accident lawyer

Risks of Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents in San Diego and throughout California, happen due to different factors. These causes might be due to the motorcyclist themselves, at-fault driver, or other factors that are government controlled or state entities mandated to manage roads. Other accidents might be due to the motorcycle manufacturer. These factors include:

– Negligent road maintenance or poor road condition

– Road design that does not meet safety standards or designs that have become obsolete and outdated with the increasing road capacity over the years.

– Mechanical failures that might occur to the motorcycle

– A driver of another motorcycle or car becoming careless or negligent.

– Wheel wobble causing accidents when the motorcycle is at a high speed.

– Poor or negligent design of motorcycles thus resulting into a defective vehicle

– Poor or shoddy repair work done by a mechanic on the motorcycle

According to recent statistics, most of the accidents involving multiple vehicles do not occur as a result of the fault of a motorcyclist. In majority of cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive or negligent driver who turns right in front of a motorcycle at a left hand turn or does not notice a motorcycle until it is too late. Others follow the motorcyclist too closely and the moment they lose concentration on the road, the ram into the rear of the bike.

The unfortunate thing is that motorcyclists are on the receiving end of these drivers who are careless as a result of the speed travelled by the motorcycle combined with the fact that riders have very minimal protection if a crash happens. Due to lack of safety or physical protection, most motorcycle accidents are horrific and can lead to paralyzing spinal injuries, brain injuries and worse still death.

Motorcycle attorney San Diego

motorcycle attorney san diego

Benefits of pursuing a motorcycle accident claim in San Diego

Chances of a motorcyclist suffering from critical injuries as a result of adequate protection offered by a motorcycle are extremely high and may be sometimes life threatening. Common motorcycle accidents in San Diego include: spinal cord injuries, brain injury, disfigurement, abrasions, fractures, back and neck injuries. An extensive recovery period is required for such extensive injuries. What this implies is that the injured rider might have to spend time off, not being able to work and lose substantive amount of wages. The treatment and medical care needed to heal the rider completely can also be very costly, combined with the costs associated with property damage repair.

With the high financial costs that are required after a motorcycle accident, a rider will be well positioned to seek the services of a qualified attorney or lawyer in san diego who has the know-how on pursuing motorcycle accident claims. Compensation from the party at-fault might help in off-setting, the costs that are related to the accident thus lifting the financial burden from the rider and helping them focus on the recovery process.

Types of compensation to be offered

A rider can incur huge post-accident related costs which might prove to be very expensive. However, in order to alleviate the burden, the motorcycle rider can receive several compensation packages. These compensations are needed to help the motorcyclist rebuild their life and try and return to the life they had before the accident occurred.

The type of compensation offered is economic damages which are calculated easily from documents and records. The rider can be compensated for lost wages, both past and future, medical expenses and bills including property damage. There are also non-economic damages offered that include the suffering and pain for the injured party such as mental suffering or emotional stress caused by the accident.

The financial burden and strain after a motorcycle accident can be very overwhelming, however, a lawyer or attorney, can help in such a situation and help the victim get money needed for recovery.

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san diego bike injury lawyer

Life after collision rebuilding

A motorcycle accident can have a very serious impact on the life of an individual. Furthermore, getting back to the life they had before the collision occurred calls for a huge amount of time and patience. Our motorcycle accident lawyers and attorneys recognize the huge challenges a motorcycle rider may face following an accident.

They are dedicated in ensuring that the motorcycle rider gets the compensation required to oversee them to full recovery and back on the road. Our legal team has handled similar cases before and has extensive knowledge on motorcycle compensation claims in San Diego. Our team has overseen successful cases with proven track results.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers have handled hundreds of lawsuits for motorcycle riders in San Diego. With that expertise, our firm will make sure that you get right amount of compensation and for motorcycle property damage and motorcycle injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. With far reaching experience both at the bargaining table and the courtroom, our attorneys give your motorcycle accident lawsuit the attention it deserves. Every case is handled with the top level expertise.

Our lawyers are compassionate and they understand what you are going through. They are ready to tackle all lawsuits arising from motorcycle accidents on your behalf. Our San Diego personal injury attorneys will walk with you through this difficult moment and make sure that you get the settlement that you deserve. Our attorneys are always ready to aggressively fight on your behalf. Whether it is a spinal injury, or brain injury, we do not postpone cases, we tackle them as they come and ensure that your road to recovery is swift enough.

Our firm has the knowledge, experience and dedication to make sure that your legal rights are adequately protected. We understand the general and highway traffic rules and experience with the court system. Without such kind of expertise, chances of getting a settlement out of a motorcycle accident are almost zero.


We are ready to help you every step of the way. Our communication lines are always open. We treat you kindly and you will always feel like one of us. A motorcycle accident or dog bitecan be very difficult, however, recovery does not have to be with our professional care and assistance.

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