Escondido Car Accidents – A Skilled Escondido Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Find Success in the Recovery Process

Escondido has a population of about 148,738. Its population and size makes it a relatively dangerous place to drive. In fact, auto accidents occur almost every day in Escondido. Some auto accidents are caused by innocent mistakes, others because of reckless, intoxicated, or distracted drivers. And while there may be many different reasons why car crashes occur, they often have the same outcome – an injured person. Injuries arising from Escondido car accidents can be severe, and victims often face substantial medical care and bills, loss of income from work, and a tremendous amount of suffering, pain, inconvenience, and stress – particularly stress.

Escondido Car Accident Lawyer

escondido car accident lawyer

According to statistics by the National Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 10 million accidents of all kinds, from parking lot scrapes to multi-car crashes, occur each year in the United States. These auto accidents result in over 2.5 million people injured and more than 40,000 innocent people dead every year. In San Diego County, about 15,000 injuries and 125 deaths, leaving survivors and loved ones suffering physical, emotional, relational and financial pain. Statistics from 2009 show that approximately 30 people were involved in road traffic accidents and fatal car crashes. Of these Escondido car accidents, three people were killed as a result of accidents arising from drunk driving which is why you need to hire a San Diego car accident attorney. About six pedestrians were killed by vehicles in Escondido. Many severe car accidents in Escondido take place at high speeds and on major roads conveying traffic in and out of the city.

Escondido Personal Injury Lawyer

escondido auto accident attorney

Depending on the severity of the auto accident, victims and their families can suffer serious emotional, physical, and financial consequences. Statistics indicate that up to 85% of all collisions in San Diego County, including Escondido, result in injury or death. The injuries suffered from Escondido car accidents are as varied as their victims, ranging from simple scrapes and bruises to serious consequences like broken bones, facial disfigurement, whiplash, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or even death.

Dealing With the Aftermath of Escondido Car Accidents

Getting fairly compensated for losses resulting from a car accident in Escondido is never easy. Victims are often faced with a long struggle for justice and compensation for issues such as immediate medical bills, ongoing medical care, vocational rehabilitation, necessary psychiatric intervention, pain and suffering and lost wages. Complicated insurance policies and the California’s pure comparative negligence liability system frequently lead to confusion about the rights of the accident victim. In some cases, car accident victims may be duped into signing away a lot of the compensation they deserve to insurance carriers in exchange for a small payment, not knowing that they may be entitled to more when a negligent or an at-fault party causes them harm on the road. Insurance carriers and at-fault parties will always work to prevent litigation from harming their financial well being and profits. They usually try to pay a small, token settlement to accident victims, which might not be enough to cover for the damages arising from a car accident.

Escondido Auto Accidents

escondido auto accidents
For that reason, auto accident victims in Escondido are advised to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney before accepting any form of settlement whatsoever. A successful recovery process will involve the representation from a successful and experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer. This legal professional will use his or her resources and knowledge of the legal system to fight for the victims’ rights and, thereby, help them obtain the compensation they truly deserve rather than a token settlement that doesn’t cover their losses or acknowledgement of pain and suffering. By so doing, a Oceanside personal injury lawyer can enable Escondido car accident victims to live a fulfilling life for years to come even after sustaining debilitating injuries from an accident.

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