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Car Accidents in Los Angeles, California

With the increase in cars and other vehicles on our roads, there is an increasing number of accidents resulting in serious injuries and fatalities among drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. It is also very unfortunate that many families are left without help and distraught because of the injury or even loss of their loved ones. As in all other types of accidents, these sad stories could have been avoided if only the drivers followed the traffic rules and operated responsibly their cars.


The majority of these fatalities are due to negligence – on the incompetence of the driver for speeding and recklessness. Across the United States, about six million car collisions occur each year. Over three million people suffer injuries; 2/3 which are severe and permanent. Just under 50,000 deaths in different incidents – figures that are enough to create a serious concern, not only with the government but the public and especially road users.


It is a known fact that Los Angeles is among the most populous county in the United States. Roads, highways, and streets proliferate, as vehicles like cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles. This is not surprising, then, that Los Angeles has its share of the auto accident based injuries. Each year, thousands of motorists get involved in some or the other kind of car accident. More often than not, pedestrians become affected even more severely than the motorists.


Some of the major causes of auto accidents might include: defective roadway conditions, drunk driving, speeding while driving in which case they fail to notice other drivers on the road, inexperienced driving, and defects in automobile manufacturing. Human factors, in particular, appear in over 90% of auto accidents.


What should you do on the scene of the accident? That alert? What information exchange? What to do to be compensated for damage or injury? For your part, as a victim, it is essential that you know the essential steps to be taken precisely immediately after the accident.




Alert the police


— In the case of an accident, you must stop your vehicle to assess the damage to the vehicles involved or see if there are injuries. Otherwise, you could be charged with hit and run.

— If the person is injured, you must contact the police. They will be responsible for drawing up the accident report.


Complete an accident report


If no one is injured, you do not have to contact the police to obtain a police report. However, you must share some information with the other person involved in the accident. If you do not, you could be fined.


Sometimes you may not find anyone else on the scene of the accident. If you hit an animal of more than 25 kg, an unattended vehicle or another object, you must contact the police to give them the above information.


If you have suffered injury due to the negligence or stupidity and lack of consideration of another person, you can file a case personal injury in order to be compensated for any damage you sustained and its implications for your entire life. You can follow these steps:


— Contact the police (911), even if there are no injuries so that police officers make a report in the words of the people involved in the accident (helps prevent any false declaration later). In addition, police officers call a tow truck if necessary.

— Have a witness (witness); if witnesses are present at the accident, note their names and phone numbers in order to ask them to testify if he/she is needed.

— The police report (Police Accident Report) is usually available within 48 hours. To get it, you must go to the Commissioner indicated, with a money order (which can be found in all post offices). The accident report allows the assurance of knowing the circumstances of the accident, and also to determine the responsibilities of the individuals involved.

— If you are suffering from serious physical injuries, contact the paramedics in order to be safely transported to the emergency room.


The following information should be noted:

— The name and communication address of the driver;

— The license number of the driver;

— The name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle through the vehicle’s registration certificate;

— The information appearing in the certificate of insurance;

To log all this information, you can fill out an amicable conclusion, the document that describes the accident and identifies the people involved.




If you file a complaint, do not wait. The earliest would be best. You have two years from the date of the accident to initiate legal action. A lawsuit begins after issuing a request.


Two major damages generally claimed in a lawsuit


There are two main types most commonly damages claimed in a lawsuit. They are pain and suffering and loss of income.

— The pain and suffering refer to injuries, both physical and psychological, suffered due to a car accident.

— The rules relating to the loss of income entitle the injured party to 80% of its net income loss after tax on income up to the trial date, and 100% of any future loss of gross income after the trial.




A lawyer concerned with personal injury in accident based cases is an expert to explain the victims – their rights and privileges under the law. Moreover, the practitioners generally have the understanding of related laws and skills in the management of a trial that other people do not. They put them in the right position or job to advocate for their clients. An experienced lawyer will know if the dispute can be resolved through mediation. They are also used to working with insurance companies, and will not be under pressure to settle for a satisfactory amount. Car accident attorneys are specialists in this area of legal practice. Hiring a professional and knowledgeable attorney is very much essential in order to confirm a favorable verdict. This is vital because these claims go a long way to compensate for financial losses and expenses incurred by the injured party.


As personal injury cases regarding car accidents may become quite complicated, you need the assistance of an expert lawyer who specializes in cases of car accidents. The lawyer you need to find should preferably be based in Los Angeles, California.


An attorney can surely help you with the following:

— Demonstrate the responsibility of the responsible person / persons in case of your accident

— Contacting the witness and help you preserving the evidence.

— Ensure the maintenance and medical requirements

— highlight the arguments from your side

— help make the case and support its customer in the Proceedings;

— To explain the laws that cover your particular case and “limitation”

— assist with the appropriate documentation for you to receive a full or complete compensation.

— An experienced attorney can also look further into your case and see if there is malicious intent behind the cause of the accident.


A lawyer, dealing with injuries, can be contacted in cases where there were serious injuries or where injuries are likely to be permanent, or death resulting from the accident. If the residents of Los Angeles Country are involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, they generally bring a personal injury lawsuit in the superior Court of Los Angeles in California. It is in the interest of victims of car accidents to hire personal injury attorneys.


Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Attorneys’ fees can vary from lawyer to another, however, be aware that, when the victim has no responsibility in the accident, it may ask the management fees, total or partial, for the party. Attorney fees may also be supported in the framework of an auto insurance legal protection.

People on low incomes can also apply for legal aid that will help them in their efforts, but also to take over all or part of legal fees. An attorney can work through the documents necessary to settle the claims. They work with a team of investigators who skillfully investigate the technical aspects of the case. Attorneys can be more objective in not making rash decisions in the processing of the claim.


Most of the injured victims, even express their gratitude for the way the cases were treated and subsequently resolve in time. So if you or a family member has been involved in these disastrous experiences, best to consult a credible lawyer in your area and ask for his help before the deadline for filing an undecided case. The law certainly allows you to these compensations, but you must act wisely and promptly, otherwise you may lose the chance to get what is due you.




To build your case, your lawyer needs the maximum number of items that will be as much evidence of the circumstances of the accident to accurately establish the different responsibilities. Indeed, it is imperative to keep the many clues that will replenish what happened, because often there are discussions on the responsibilities that have no purpose.


Before meeting with a lawyer, certain steps can be taken to facilitate the processing of your file. Ask for help from your relatives. Your documents should include:

— The details of your doctor and proposed treatment modalities;

— A journal describing your injuries and a description of your progress;

— Contacts and collects details of witnesses, if any;

— A photograph of the accident have been taken as soon as possible after the event;

— An incident issued by the police or by the owner of the premises of the event report;

— Any other picture that could be used as evidence.


An unfortunate accident can affect a lifetime. But a good lawyer in personal injury and damage will always be your ally to reclaim the resources that will ease your situation.




This is basically the strategy to be implemented with your lawyer, who is an expert in repairing personal injury accident cases. Your attorney will decide, based on decisions already obtained and compensation granted in the past if the action must be brought to civil or criminal.




Every driver involved in an accident must report to his insurance as soon as possible, following the disaster. This statement may be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or directly from the insurance company office.




In addition to the physical and emotional pain, some injuries can also lead to loss of income. The filing of a complaint against the responsible party could make you eligible for compensation covering all or part of your loss. Unless exceptionally in the case of a serious misconduct, the right to compensation for pedestrians, cyclists and passengers of a vehicle are guaranteed. For drivers, it depends on the circumstances of the accident.


If you have lost a family member, your compensation should include:

— Reimbursement for funeral costs and other expenses generated by the accident

— The injury to feelings and, in some cases, the accompanying loss

— The loss of income that it causes death.


If you are injured in an accident, your compensation should include:

— The repayment of your current health expenses and other costs which remain at your expense

— The repayment of your professional earnings losses before consolidation

— Future health spending

— Reimbursement of suitable housing costs and adapted vehicle

— Reimbursement of costs of assistance by the third person

— The loss of future earnings professionals and professional impact

— The suffering


It’s your lawyer will determine who is legally responsible for the injury you suffered and how much you can sue that person.




Sue for personal injury can be a very long process. This is because, the diagnosis of your condition is critical to your application, and it takes time for a doctor to have a proper diagnosis of your recovery. The positive side is that although the process can be long, your application will not lose value because the interest will be added to the amount you receive in the future.


In conclusion, having a car accident is a terrible experience. And it’s even worse if you are injured. If this is the case and that the accident is not your fault, you should consult different personal injury lawyers in order to access your legal options.